Create a line of detergents and disinfectants under your brand

using the Private Label service from Chemix Grupp



The “Chemix Grupp” LLC company has entered the Moldovan market in 2008.

Our goal is to create efficient and quality products using the latest technology. All our products are manufactured using the most modern equipment; and only high-quality and tested ingredients are used in their composition.

We will develop for you a Private Label line that will help you increase your personal brand awareness and popularity. Every client is individual for us, so we will offer a solution capable of satisfying you personally. Your vision is important to us; we will add our knowledge and professionalism to it.


The best formulas and ingredients to help make your products stand out in the market.


Our prices will pleasantly surprise you.


Individual approach to ordering


Modern equipment

The Private Label service will be of interest to everyone wishing to increase customers’ trust in their brand. Sports clubs, medical centers, beauty salons, restaurants, cafes, etc. are among our clients. 

Private Label is a great solution for those wishing to launch their own product line and promote it in the market.


Who is it for


Who is it for 
There is a wide range of products for various purposes in our arsenal, from disinfectants to detergents. You can choose from the already available formulas, or develop your own one in cooperation with our experts. 
We will manufacture for you:

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Our partners

Do you strive to succeed? Do want your brand to take its rightful place in the market? Contact us and we will create for you a unique product line that your customers will appreciate.

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